Upgrading an Artifactory Enterprise HA Cluster

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This section describes the process to upgrade your Artifactory Enterprise High Availability cluster. Since your cluster contains more than one node, you may complete the upgrade process without incurring any down time to the Artifactory service your organization is using.


Before you upgrade, ensure that the operating system version that you use is supported. See System Requirements for detailed information on operating system support.

Artifactory HA Upgrade Steps

Upgrading to the latest version includes the following three phases:

  1. Upgrading the first node.

  2. Upgrading the additional nodes.

  3. Verifying the HA installation and configuration.

Using NFS Data Folders with the JFrog Router

If your HA cluster uses an NFS as its filestore, you need to verify that after the upgrade, the only shared folder is the $JFROG_HOME/data/artifactory directory (i.e., if the NFS is mounted directly to /var/opt/jfrog/artifactory/data you will encounter problems).

This is because the $JFROG_HOME/data/router folder must be unique to each node. This warning does not apply if you are using a different folder for your NFS.