Install JAS in an Air-gapped Non-Helm Environment

JFrog Installation & Setup Documentation


Ensure that you complete the prerequisites and complete the configuration for an air-gapped environment.

Load Exposure and Contextual Analysis Images

You must load exposure and contextual analysis images to all k3s VMs.

  1. Download images on a machine that has Internet connection.

    docker pull --platform=linux/amd64<XRAY_VERSION>
    docker pull --platform=linux/amd64<XRAY_VERSION>
  2. Save the images as tar files.

    docker save<XRAY_VERSION> > jas_exposure.tar
    docker save<XRAY_VERSION> > jas_contextual_analysis.tar
  3. Copy the tar files to all k3s nodes and load with the following commands.

    k3s ctr images import jas_exposure.tar
    k3s ctr images import jas_contextual_analysis.tar