Install JAS in an Air-gapped Non-Helm Environment

JFrog Installation & Setup Documentation

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Installation & Setup

Ensure that you complete the prerequisites and complete the configuration for an air-gapped environment.

Load Exposure and Contextual Analysis Images

You must load exposure and contextual analysis images to all k3s VMs.


When you download an image, ensure that it is of the same architecture as the k3s machine.

  1. Download images on a machine that has Internet connection.

    docker pull --platform=linux/amd64<XRAY_VERSION>
    docker pull --platform=linux/amd64<XRAY_VERSION>
  2. Save the images as tar files.

    docker save<XRAY_VERSION> > jas_exposure.tar
    docker save<XRAY_VERSION> > jas_contextual_analysis.tar
  3. Copy the tar files to all k3s nodes and load with the following commands.

    k3s ctr images import jas_exposure.tar
    k3s ctr images import jas_contextual_analysis.tar