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From Artifactory 7.17.4, provides Cloud-Native High Availability or Masterless High Availability. All nodes in the high availability cluster can perform tasks such as replication, garbage collection, backups, exporting, and importing. Every node in the cluster can serve any of the mentioned tasks and if any node goes down, the different nodes in the cluster will be able to perform these tasks instead. By default, when adding a new node (member) to the cluster, it will be able to perform cluster-wide tasks without user intervention.

The "taskAffinity": "any" attribute is set by default, on all the nodes in the cluster, when installing an Artifactory version 7.17.4 and above and is configured under the Nodes section in the Artifactory Configuration YAML. To remove this functionality from a node, set "taskAffinity": "none".

Backward Compatibility when Upgrading HA Environments

To maintain backward compatibility, when upgrading to Artifactory 7.17.4 from a previous version, the primary: true attribute is maintained.

To use this new functionality, add the taskAffinity: any to each of the nodes in the cluster in the Artifactory System YAML.