Option 2: Provide your own signed certificate

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Installation & Setup

Your custom CA certificate must meet the prerequisites.

Use a Custom TLS certificate with the Artifactory and Router ports


If you have not started the application for the first time, you need to create the /router/keys/ folder manually.

  1. Copy the certificate and key files to thebootstrap/router/keys/custom-server.crtandbootstrap/router/keys/custom-server.key.

    • custom-server.key is the private key file

    • custom-server.crt is the cert file


      The files should be named exactly according to their names above.

  2. Copy the CA of the custom TLS certificate inetc/security/keys/trusted/.

  3. Restart the Artifactory node and let the router use the bootstrapped certificate.

  4. Enable TLS on Artifactory by settingartifactory.tomcat.httpsConnector.enabledtotrue(in the system.yaml file).

  5. Restart the Artifactory node again.

  6. Copy the CA of the custom TLS certificate inetc/security/keys/trusted/ of all the JFrog Products nodes installed in the same JPD.

  7. If applicable, copy the CA to the load balancer.