Add Licenses Using Secrets

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There are two ways to add licenses using secrets.

  • Using an existing Kubernetes secret

  • Creating the secret as part of the Helm release


These methods are relevant for initial deployment only. Once Artifactory is deployed, you should not keep passing these parameters, since the license is already persisted into Artifactory's storage (they will be ignored). Updating the license should be done via Artifactory UI or REST API. If you want to keep managing the Artifactory license using the same method, you can use the copyOnEveryStartup example shown in the values.yaml file.

Create a License Using an Existing Kubernetes Secret

You can deploy the Artifactory license as a Kubernetes secret, by preparing a text file with the license written in it and creating a Kubernetes secret from it.

# Create the Kubernetes secret (assuming the local license file is 'art.lic')
kubectl create secret generic -n artifactory artifactory-license --from-file=./art.lic

# Pass the license to helm
helm upgrade --install artifactory --set artifactory.license.secret=artifactory-license,artifactory.license.dataKey=art.lic --namespace artifactory jfrog/artifactory
Create a Secret as Part of the Helm Release

To create a secret as part of the Helm release, update thevalues.yamland then run the installer.

    licenseKey: |-

helm upgrade --install artifactory -f values.yaml --namespace artifactory jfrog/artifactory