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JFrog's support for cloud storage provides all the benefits of massive scalability and allows your binary storage to grow, effectively, to any scale required and accommodate binaries of any size. The JFrog Platform can be further optimized for the download of large binaries, such as Docker images, from cloud storage, by delegating its function as a registry so it responds to download requests with a link through which the requesting client can download the binary directly from the corresponding cloud storage.

When a repository is configured to redirect downloads, a client requesting Artifactory for an artifact hosted in that repository receives an HTTP 302 response together with a Location header that contains a signed URL to the cloud storage location for direct download. The client can then use that signed URL to download the binary directly from cloud storage without it having to go through Artifactory first.

Downloading binaries directly from cloud storage:

  • Increases efficiency and reduces download latency, since the binary object is obtained in a single phase, directly from the cloud, rather than having to go through Artifactory's cache first.

  • Reduces the requirements for local storage, since Artifactory's local cache does not need to accommodate large binary objects from the cloud.

  • Increases Artifactory's registries operation time, since more compute power can be dedicated to calculating metadata rather than threads waiting for download requests to be completed.

JFrog Subscription Requirements

Direct Cloud Storage Download is available to the following JFrog subscriptions:

  • Self-hosted Enterprise+ or Edge licenses when your Artifactory binary storage is configured with AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, or Azure Blob Storage.

  • All Cloud subscriptions

Supported Package Formats

JFrog Artifactory officially supports direct cloud storage downloads for local repositories of the following type: Generic, Helm, Docker, Maven, RPM, NPM, Debian (supported from Client version 9), PyPI, Bower, CRAN, Composer, Conan, Gradle, Vagrant, and Git LFS.


To work with curl, wget, and Gradle clients, make sure to have a supported client version.

Direct Cloud Storage Configuration

Perform the following steps to configure Artifactory for direct cloud storage download.

  1. Configure the Artifactory Filestore to allow direct downloads.

  2. Specify the repositories that should redirect requests for direct download.

  3. Finetune the configuration with direct download parameters.

  4. Control your signed URL downloads.

  5. Configure Your Firewall to allow direct downloads.

  6. Add the necessary configuration to use CloudFront (optional).