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Migration of artifacts is done for each repository sequentially. the migrator tool creates a file, repositories.yaml, that maintains the migration status for each repository. The file contains the status of the repositories that are processed by the migrator tool. A repository can be in the in_progress state or completed state. The in_progress state indicates that the migration has started, but not complete. The completed state indicates that the artifact migration is successful. If the migration has not started, the status field is absent for the repository.


Migration status is maintained only for migration from Nexus 3.


When the migrator tool starts migrating the artifacts in a repository, the status for that repository is set as in_progress in the repositories.yaml file. If migration is aborted for any reason, the migrator tool checks for the existence of the artifacts in the migrated repository in Artifactory and migrates only those files that are not already available.


When the migration of all artifacts in a repository is complete, the migrator tool sets the status as completed in the repositories.yaml file. If you run the migration process again, the migrator tool checks the repositories.yaml file and skips the repositories that have the status as completed. If you know there are new artifacts added to that repository and want to migrate the new artifacts to Artifactory, set the status of the repository as in_progress and run the migration process again. If you want to run migration on the entire repository again, remove the entry for the repository from the repositories.yaml file, and run the migration process again.