Insight HA Manual Linux Archive Installation

JFrog Installation & Setup Documentation

Installing the First Node
  1. Install the first node. The installation is identical to the single node installation.


    Do not start the Insight service.

  2. Configure the system.yaml file with the database and first node configuration details. For example,

    First node system.yaml

  3. Start and manage the Insight service.

    systemd OS Systemv OS

  4. Access Insight from your browser at: http://<jfrogUrl>/ui/and go to theDashboard tab in theApplicationmodule in the UI

  5. Check the Insight log.


Installing Additional Nodes

For a node to join a cluster, the node must have the same database configuration and the master key. Install all additional nodes using the same steps described above, with the following additional steps:

  1. Configure the system.yamlfile for the additional node with master key, database and active node configurations.

    For example:

    Additional node system.yaml

  2. Copy the master.key from the first node to the additional node located at $JFROG_HOME/insight/var/etc/security/master.key.

  3. Add the username and password as configured for Elasticsearch on master node on the additional node too. Add it to the Shared Configurations section in $JFROG_HOME/insight/var/etc/system.yaml file.

  4. If you installed Search Guard along with Elasticsearch, copy the client and node certificates from Elasticsearch's config folder from the primary node to a new directory, sg-certs, under the extracted folder on the additional node.

  5. Start the additional node.

  6. Access Insight from your browser at: http://<jfrogUrl>/ui/and go to the Dashboard tab in the Application module in the UI.

  7. Check the Insight log.