Upgrade the Additional Artifactory Node

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Installation & Setup

For each additional node in your HA cluster, perform the following steps.

  1. Remove the node from the load balancer, so all requests are directed to the other nodes. Check the $HOME/logs/request.log and ARTIFACTORY_URL/api/tasks (search for "running") to ensure that Artifactory is completely inactive.

  2. Perform a graceful shutdown of the node. While the node is down, the load balancer should redirect all queries to the other nodes.

  3. Continue with the upgrade according to the instructions for your installation type.

  4. Start up the additional node.

  5. Add the additional node back to the load balancer.

  6. Repeat this process for each additional node.

Check your installation

After starting up each additional node, we recommend inspecting the system.yaml and binarystore.xml files (under $JFROG_HOME/artifactory/var/etc/) to ensure they are correctly configured