Azure Blob Storage V1 Binary Provider

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Installation & Setup

The azure-blob-storage provider is used for configuring Azure Blob Storage as the remote filestore.

This binary provider uses the following set of parameters.




Default: true

When true, Artifactory uploads and downloads a file when starting up to verify that the connection to the cloud storage provider is fully functional.


The storage account can be a General-purpose storage account or a Blob storage account which is specialized for storing objects/blobs.

Your cloud storage provider identity.


Your cloud storage provider authentication credential.


Your globally unique container name on Azure Blob Storage.


The hostname. You should only use the default value unless you need to contact a different endpoint for testing or production purposes.

Note: if the endpoint is not defined in the xml file it will be automatically generated with the default https://<ACCOUNT_NAME> value.

Azure Endpoints: Supported JFrog Subscriptions

The Azure endpoint is supported for all JFrog subscriptions. To use additional endpoints, requires Enterprise and Enterprise+ subscriptions are required


Default: true.

When true, the cloud binary provider can be accessed using a secure HTTPS connection.


The directory to store the artifacts.

Applicable for direct upload only.

The default is $JFROG_HOME/artifactory/var/data/artifactory/filestore.


The temporary directory to store the artifacts during upload.

Applicable for direct upload only.

You must configure the Azure Blob Storage provider with parameters specific to your account (but can leave all other parameters with the recommended values).

The snippets below show the basic template configuration and examples that use the Azure Blob Storage binary provider.