Prerequisites to Install JAS without Helm

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Installation & Setup

Complete the following prerequisites before you proceed with installation.

Create Virtual Machines

Create virtual machines for running JAS before you start the installation process. You must also ensure passwordless access to the VMs. For example, you should be able to access the VMs using ssh username@ip. For more information on system requirements, see System Requirements.

The following operating systems are certified:

  • RHEL 8

  • Ubuntu 20

  • Ubuntu 22

The user in the k3s VM should have password-less sudo access along with password-less ssh access. The user in the k3s VM should be able to run sudo commands without requiring to enter password.

Configure Passwordless SSH Access to VM

The user in the procedure is the account username from which you run the script.

  1. Add your private key to access the VM under /user/.ssh/yourPrivateKey.

  2. Assign read and write access to the file.

    chmod 600 /user/.ssh/yourPrivateKey
  3. Edit the file, /user/.ssh/config, and add the following line.

    IdentityFile /user/.ssh/yourPrivateKey

Installation of Ansible

The installer uses Ansible to set up JAS. You can install Ansible or use Ansible with Docker. We recommend that you use Docker.

Install with Docker (Recommended)
  1. Install Docker manually in the Xray machine.

  2. Copy the private content (that has access to all k3s VMs) to k3s-ansible/keys/k3s_vms_private_key in the installation directory before running

Install with Ansible

The installer downloads and installs Ansible when you run the installation process. If the installer fails to install ansible from the package manager of the OS or if the ansible version is lower than 2.9.x, try installing ansible manually, and ensure that the Ansible version is 2.9.x or later.

If you have limitations setting up Ansible on the same machine, you can follow the manual method to create a K3s cluster from any other machine. For more information, see Run Ansible Playbook Manually.

Configure Artifactory

  1. Ensure that the Artifactory version is 7.49.x or later.

  2. Set up a valid license to use JAS in Artifactory.

  3. Ensure the Base URL is set up for Artifactory.

  4. Update the following information in the Artifactory System YAML.

     enabled: true
       enabled: true

Install Xray

Before you install JAS, you must install Xray. The following sections provide detailed information on how you can install Xray based on your system.

Xray Version Requirements for non-Helm Installations

To install JAS with RPM, Debian or Linux Archive, you must use Xray version 3.73.5 or later.

To install JAS with Docker Compose, you must use Xray version 3.73.8 or later.