Uninstalling JFrog Products

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Installation & Setup

The following document the process for uninstalling the different JFrog Platform products. The installations are listed according to the product and then the different installation options according to the installation you used (Linux, Docker, Docker Compose, RPM, and Debian).

The following products can be uninstalled using this procedure:

  • JFrog Artifactory

  • JFrog Xray

  • JFrog Mission Control

  • JFrog Distribution


The JFrog Pipelines uninstall is not currently supported.

Databases that are installed with a JFrog product (or used by the product) must either be explicitly uninstalled or handled externally.

If you opt to uninstall any database that is installed with a JFrog product (or used by the product), any other applications that might be using this database will lose their data as well.


Removing the data directory means you will lose all data stored and managed by the application: this data cannot be restored.