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Installation & Setup

To setup your Access configuration files, you need to work with the above YAML files in the following way:

  • Open the access.config.template.yml file

  • Find the Key for which you would like to change the Value and copy it

  • Open the access.config.latest.yml file

  • Paste the Key - Value pair you copied and set the relevant value as desired

  • Save the access.config.latest.yml file as access.config.import.yml or as access.config.patch.yml

  • Restart Access by restarting the corresponding Artifactory service

Note that an uploaded configuration file does not update the current configuration in Access, but rather completely replaces it.

Making multiple configuration calls

You may configure synchronization as often as you want and with any combination of parameters.


To change the setting of number-of-retries from 3 (the default) to 5, you would take the following steps:

  1. Open the access.config.template.ymland copy the number-of-retries: 3 Key-Value pair.

  2. Paste the copied Key-Value pair into the access.config.latest.yml file

  3. In access.config.latest.yml, change the value of number-of-retries to 5

  4. Save the modified access.config.latest.yml as access.config.import.yml

  5. Restart Artifactory - this will restart the Access service which will then load the values in access.config.import.yml with the updated configuration