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The redundant-shards template is used for pure sharding configuration that uses 2 physical mounts with 2 copies (which means each shard stores a copy of each artifact). To learn more about the different sharding capabilities, refer to Filestore Sharding.

redundant-shards template configuration

If you choose to use the redundant-shards template, your binarystore.xml configuration file should look like this:

<config version="4">
    <chain template="redundant-shards"/>

What's in the template?

While you don't need to configure anything else in your binarystore.xml, this is what the redundant-shards template looks like under the hood.

<chain> <!-- template="redundant-shards" -->
    <provider id="cache-fs" type="cache-fs">
        <provider id="sharding" type="sharding">
            <sub-provider id="shard-state-aware-1" type="state-aware"/>
            <sub-provider id="shard-state-aware-2" type="state-aware"/>

<provider id="shard-state-aware-1" type="state-aware">
<provider id="shard-state-aware-2" type="state-aware">

Details about the sharding provider can be found in the Sharding Binary Provider section.Sharding Binary Provider

Details about the state-aware sub-provider can be found in the State-Aware Binary Provider section.