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Installation & Setup

The Xray service contains the following microservices:

  1. Indexer - Responsible for the indexing process, including:

    • Recursively extracting artifacts and builds

    • Collecting artifact metadata from accompanying files

    • Building an artifact components graph representation

  2. Persist - Responsibilities include:

    • Matching the given components graph with the public component information

    • Completing component naming

    • Storing graph data and component metadata in PostgreSQL

  3. Analysis - Responsible for enriching component metadata such as vulnerabilities, licenses and versions.

  4. Server - Responsibilities include:

    • Generating violations by matching analysis data with watches and policies

    • Hosting the API and UI endpoints

    • Running scheduled jobs such as the database synchronization process

  5. Router - Responsible for communication between all the microservices and cross-product.