File System Binary Provider

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This is the basic filestore configuration for Artifactory and is used for a local or mounted filestore.

Filestore Fundamentals

This page provides you with the information about a specific binary provider. For more information on filestores and the various filestores that you can use, see Configuring the Filestore.

file-system binary provider template configuration

If you choose to use the file-system template, configure the binarystore.xml configuration as follows.

<config version="v1">
        <chain template="file-system"/>
What's in the template?

While you don't need to configure anything else in your binarystore.xml, this is what the file-system template looks like under the hood.

<chain> <!-- template="file-system" -->
    <provider id="file-system" type="file-system"/>

In this example, the filestore and temp folder are located under the root directory of the machine.

<config version="v1">
        <chain template="file-system"/>
        <provider id="file-system" type="file-system">





Default: $JFROG_HOME/artifactory/var/data/artifactory

The root directory where Artifactory should store data files.


Default: filestore

The root folder of binaries for the filestore. If the value specified starts with a forward slash (“/”) the value is considered the fully qualified path to the filestore folder. Otherwise, it is considered relative to the baseDataDir.


Default: temp

A temporary folder under baseDataDir into which files are written for internal use by Artifactory. This must be on the same disk as the fileStoreDir.