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Artifactory supports IPv6-enabled hosts. IPv6 support allows users to configure IPv6 in the Artifactory System YAML configuration file, which serve as the addresses used to connect an Artifactory node to its peers over REST or TCP when required.

The following guidelines apply when configuring IPv6.

  • IPv6 addresses should be enclosed within square brackets, regardless of whether or not an explicit port is specified.

  • Artifactory does not support setting an Artifactory Base URL that contains an explicit IPv6 address, nor does it support specifying remote server URLs (where available) or authentication providers (LDAP server / SAML server, etc) that contain IPv6 addresses.General Settings

  • Artifactory is compatible with hostnames that resolve to either IPv6 or IPv4 addresses.

    The following example shows how an IPv6 address can be used to configure an IPv6 address for the contextUrl parameter:

            ip: "http://[5a01::b011:81c:c101]:8081/artifactory"


Access Federation is not supported to work over IPv6. Support for this will be added in forthcoming releases.