Helm Charts for Advanced Users

JFrog Installation & Setup Documentation


The JFrog installation for Helm Charts provides you with a wide range of advanced functionalities in addition to the basic installers. While you can install JFrog products using the basic Helm installations, this page details the additional options that you can deploy as an advanced user. These functionalities have been divided into the following categories.

To view the basic installations, see the following sections.

Advanced Installation Categories

All Products - Customization

The following advanced customizations are relevant to all JFrog products.

  • Establishing TLS and Adding Certificates

  • Adding Custom Sidecars

  • Adding Custom Volumes

  • Overriding the Default System YAML File

  • Auto-generated Passwords (Internal PostgreSQL)

  • Using Custom Secrets

  • Mission Control and Distribution Custom Volumes

  • Add Circle of Trust Certificates

  • Using Unified Secrets

Artifactory High Availability

  • Artifactory Storage

  • Using an Existing Volume Claim

  • Using an Existing Shared Volume Claim

  • Adding Licenses

  • Scaling the Artifactory Cluster


  • Adding Licenses Using Secrets">

  • Security-related Issues

  • Advanced Storage Options

  • Adding Extensions

  • Infrastructure Customization

  • Using ConfigMaps to Store Non-confidential Data

  • Using an External Database

  • Bootstrapping Using Helm Charts

  • Monitoring and Logging

  • Installing Artifactory and Artifactory HA with Nginx and Terminate SSL in Nginx Service (LoadBalancer)


  • Deploying PostegreSQL

  • Deploying Elasticsearch


  • Installing a Pipelines Chart with Ingress

  • Using an External Secret for the Pipelines Password

  • Setting up a Build Plane

  • Using an External PostgreSQL

  • Using an External Vault

  • Using an External system.yaml with an Existing Secret

  • Using Vault in Production Environments

Uninstall and Deletion

  • Uninstalling Artifactory

  • Deleting Artifactory

  • Deleting Xray