Install the Pipelines Chart with Ingress

JFrog Installation & Setup Documentation

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Installation & Setup


Before you deploy Pipelines with Ingress, you need to have the following in place:

  • A running Kubernetes cluster

  • An Artifactory or Artifactory HA with Enterprise+ License

    • A precreated repository jfrogpipelines in Artifactory type Generic with layout maven-2-default

  • A deployed Nginx-ingress controller

  • [Optional] A deployed Cert-manager for automatic management of TLS certificates with Lets Encrypt

  • [Optional] A TLS secret reqired for https access

Prepare the Configurations

  1. Get the JFrog Pipelines helm chart to get the needed configuration files.

    helm fetch jfrog/pipelines --untar

    Next, edit the local copies of the values-ingress.yaml and values-ingress-passwords.yaml with the required configuration values.

  2. In the values-ingress.yaml file, edit the following:

    • Artifactory URL

    • Ingress hosts

    • Ingress tls secrets

  3. In the values-ingress-passwords.yaml file, set the passwords uiUserPassword, postgresqlPassword and auth.password, and the same for masterKey and joinKey.

Install Pipelines

Run the install command.

kubectl create ns pipelines
helm upgrade --install pipelines --namespace pipelines jfrog/pipelines -f pipelines/values-ingress.yaml -f pipelines/values-ingress-passwords.yaml