Database Connection Settings

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Installation & Setup

Add or change the following parameters for database connections settings under the system.yaml configuration file.


The maximum number of pooled database connections (default: 100).


The maximum number of pooled idle database connections (default: 10).

Tomcat Only

This parameter is applicable on Tomcat.

Default Home Directory

The default product home directory is defined according to the installation type. For additional details, see Product Directory Structure.

This guide uses $JFROG_HOME to represent the product home directory.

How is connection pool for database locking done in Artifactory?

From version 6.0.0, the new database locking mechanism adds its own connection pool (defaults to the value of the value).

However, you may need to adjust your database connection limit to accept more connections. For example, if your database is set to accept up to 100 connections from each node, you may consider increasing the limit to 200 concurrent connections per-node, to accommodate the full utilization of the locking connection pool. Your database should accept the number of configured connections per-node multiplied by the number of the nodes in the cluster.