JFrog Installation & Setup Documentation

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Installation & Setup

This section provides a guide on the different ways you can upgrade and configure JFrog products.

Upgrading to the JFrog Platform?

Learn more about the JFrog Platform and new additions.What's New: Self-hosted

Supported installer distribution types:

  • Zip

  • RPM

  • Debian

  • Docker compose

  • Helm Chart

Before you start the upgrade process, make sure to check the System Requirements.

Upgrade Flow

Upgrade Flow

The following upgrade flow applies to all JFrog products:

  • Back up your existing data according to each product

  • Download the package to install (Standalone, RPM, Debian, Docker Compose, Helm)

  • Extract the package according to the installer distribution type (Extract, yum, wget, Docker Compose, Helm)

  • Migrate configuration from your current to the new environment, depending on the version you are upgrading from and to

  • Customize the product configuration (optional) by modifying the system YAML configuration file or setting environment variables

  • Start the service using the start scripts or OS service management

Before You Upgrade

When upgrading to Artifactory version 7.x from a previous major version (like 6.x), all other associated JFrog services must be upgraded to these compatible versions:



Mission Control






Artifactory 7.x will not work with any previous major versions of these services.

Additionally, none of these new versions of Mission Control(4.x), Xray(3.x), or Distribution(2.x) will be compatible with Artifactory 6.x.