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With the release of Artifactory 7.27.3, Mission Control has become a microservice within Artifactory that provides the following features:

  • Manage Central License and Bucket License

  • Manage Platform Deployments (JPD)

  • Access Federation UI

  • View JPD Health and Status Dashboard

You must migrate mission control data after you upgrade to Artifactory 7.27.3 or later to use Mission Control as a microservice.

Mission Control is Moving to Artifactory as a Service

From JFrog Artifactory version 7.27.3, Mission Control has been integrated directly into Artifactory as a microservice. You will no longer need to install Mission Control to use the features it provides, only to enable the microservice in Artifactory.

The metrics capabilities that were provided Mission Control will now be provided through JFrog Insight. To learn more about how to install Insight, see Installing Insight.

You must install JFrog Insights to use trends and charts after you migrate to Mission Control microservice. For more information, see Migrating from Mission Control to Insight.

Mission Control Deployment Options Matrix

While Mission Control will be in maintenance mode with minor fixes and security updates beyond version 4.7.x, you can still install it as an independent product and use it independently as in its previous versions. Since there are several ways in which you can use Mission Control within the JFrog Platform, the following table provides a matrix of the deployment options and their uses.


While Mission Control can be configured to manage multiple environments, it can only have one "home" JPD. Meaning, each Platform deployment, can only have one Mission Control installation as part of its topology - either as a standalone installation, or as an Artifactory microservice.

Mission Control/Insight Configuration

Artifactory Version


Installation Process


Mission Control Microservice in Artifactory

From Artifactory 7.27.x

Supported from Artifactory version 7.27.x.

Mission Control microservice provides the topology of JPDs in the dashboard and manages the license buckets.

If you enable the Mission Control microservice, you can longer use the standalone Mission Control service anymore.

Installing Artifactory

Mission Control microservice does not have a standalone system.yaml file. Enable the Mission Control microservice in the Artifactory system YAML file.

Standalone Mission Control Service

Artifactory continues to support standalone Mission Control until Mission Control end-of-life.

Mission Control works as a standalone service. You can continue to use Mission Control to manage your JPDs, license buckets, and view charts and trends.

You cannot use Insight service with standalone Mission Control service. Do not install Insight if you plan to use standalone Mission Control service.

If you enable Mission Control as an Artifactory microservice, the standalone Mission Control can no longer work as part of the Platform deployment.

Installing Mission Control

Mission Control System YAML

Standalone Insight Service

From Artifactory 7.27.x

JFrog Insight is a product that provides the trends and charts that are currently available with Mission Control. Install Insight if you wish to view the trends and charts. For more information, see JFrog Insight.JFrog Insight

You must enable Mission Control as a microservice and disable standalone Mission Control Service to use Insight.

Installing Insight

Migrating to Insight

To migrate to Insight, do the following:

  1. Stop standalone Mission Control service.

  2. Install Insight.

  3. Enable the Mission Control microservice in Artifactory.

  4. Enable filebeat for both Artifactory and Xray with the correct Elasticsearch value.

  5. Restart Artifactory.

Insight System YAML


Do not enable standalone Mission Control service after you migrate to the Mission Control microservice and install Insight.


If you are using Projects and License Buckets, and are currently on Mission Control 4.6.x, upgrade to Mission Control 4.7.15 and Artifactory 7.27.x or later, before you migrate from standalone Mission Control to Insight. After the migrate, you will be using the Mission Control microservice in Artifactory.

Migrating the Mission Control Database to Artifactory

Perform the following steps if you want to use the Artifactory database for Mission Control:

  1. Export the Mission Control database into a JSON file using the REST API.

    curl -v -X PUT http://localhost:8082/mc/api/v1/system/backup/export -H "Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN"


    After running the curl, the files/key will be generated in the /var/backup/mc folder in Mission Control. You need to then proceed to create an mc folder in Artifactory under /var/backup/ and move the files.

  2. Rename the export.json file to import.json . Copy this file and the file backup.key to the Artifactory node inside the folder var/backup/mc.

  3. Stop the Mission Control service.

  4. Upgrade Artifactory to latest version. For more information, see Upgrading Artifactory.

  5. Enable Mission Control in Artifactory by updating the Artifactory system.yaml file mc*enabled=true (Mission Control is not enabled by default after installation).

    ## Mission control template
      enabled: true
  6. Restart Artifactory to raise it with the newly-enabled microservice.

  7. Import the JSON file into Artifactory with the import API that reads the JSON file:

    curl -v -X PUT http://localhost:8082/mc/api/v1/system/backup/import -H "Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN"


    If you use Mission Control in a high availability cluster, you need to run migration for only one node in the cluster since all nodes share the same database. But you must enable Mission Control microservice in all Artifactory nodes.

To learn more about generating the admin token, see Generating Admin Tokens.Access Tokens