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Setting up Artifactory using the Bootstrap YAML configuration file is a convenient alternative to going through the startup wizard. In addition, it gives you an easy way to save the basic configuration of one instance and then quickly and easily reproduce that configuration in other instances you set up.

To get you up and running as quickly and easily as possible for a new installation, you can configure your initial setup through the filesystem, before starting Artifactory for the first time.

You can configure the following settings.

  • License

  • Base URL

  • Proxy server

  • Initial default repositories

When using the YAML configuration file, you don't have to configure all the above parameters. You may configure only some of the parameters using the YAML file, and then configure the others through the start up wizard, or manually later on after Artifactory has started up.


From Artifactory version 7.58 and forward, the Artifactory Bootstrap YAML no longer contains LDAP (from Artifactory version 7.54), Crowd (from Artifactory version 7.57), or HTTP SSO (from Artifactory version 7.58) authentication provider configuration settings. Use the Access Configuration Bootstrap YAML to set up authentication provider configuration.

You can configure the following basic authentication settings through the Access Bootstrap YAML file:

  • httpSsoSettings

  • crowdSettings

  • ldapSettings

  • ldapGroupSettings

Limitations of Access Bootstrap YAML File

The limitations stem from the principle that the YAML configuration file is designated for configuration of new Artifactory instances that have not been used before.

  • No similar YAML file already exists, if a similar configuration file exists it might override this file

  • After loading, the YAML configuration file will be deleted

  • The base URL has not been set up, or the base URL has been set up and you did not configure the base URL through the YAML configuration file

  • Artifactory has not been activated with a license, or it has been activated with a license and you did not configure the license through the YAML configuration file

Location and Usage of Artifactory Bootstrap YAML File

You can find the Artifactory Bootstrap YAML configuration file template in $JFROG_HOME/artifactory/app/misc/artifactory.config.template.yml. To specify your initial bootstrap configuration, uncomment the relevant sections in the file and provide the configuration details. Rename the file, save it as artifactory.config.import.yml and place it under Artifactory's etc folder. When done you should have the following configuration file: $JFROG_HOME/artifactory/var/etc/artifactory/artifactory.config.import.yml.

The following snippet shows an example of the Artifactory Bootstrap YAML configuration file template.

For example, to set your base URL to be, you should uncomment the baseUrl section and, while keeping the same indentation, set:

baseUrl : ""


Indentation is significant in YAML. Make sure to maintain the same indentation levels when editing the YAML configuration file.

Artifactory Configuration Export

When Artifactory is bootstrapped for the first time, it stores a copy of its initial configuration under $JFROG_HOME/artifactory/var/etc/artifactory/artifactory.config.<timestamp>.yml regardless of whether it was bootstrapped using the Onboarding Wizard, or using a YAML configuration file. To use this configuration to bootstrap additional Artifactory instances, copy the file into the new instance's $JFROG_HOME/artifactory/var/etc/artifactory folder and rename it to artifactory.config.import.yml.