Installing Artifactory

JFrog Installation & Setup Documentation

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Installation & Setup

You can install and configure JFrog Artifactory in both single node and high availability modes. For additional information on high availability, see high availability.


Use a dedicated server with no other software running to alleviate performance bottlenecks, avoid port conflicts, and avoid setting uncommon configurations.

Artifactory on Amazon ECS

You can install Artifactory on Amazon ECS as a single node installation. On Amazon ECS, you are limited to a 4 CPU instance and you cannot connect or use other JFrog products like Xray or Distribution.

To learn about the JFrog Platform Deployment, see System Architecture.

Before installing Artifactory, see System Requirements for information on supported platforms, supported browsers, and other requirements. You must set aside ports that are reserved for Artifactory and set up the required database for Artifactory.

ARM64 Support

From version 7.41.4, Artifactory supports installation on ARM64 architecture through Helm and Docker installations. You must set up an external database as the Artifactory database since Artifactory does not support the bundled database with the ARM64 installation. Artifactory installation pulls the ARM64 image automatically when you run the Helm or Docker installation on the ARM64 platform.