Upgrading from Xray Version Below 2.7

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To upgrade from version 2.6 and below, you first need to upgrade to version 2.7.x as described in the Upgrading Xray 2 documentation, and then continue to upgrade from version 2.7 to 3.x.

Upgrading from Xray 2.x to the latest version of Xray

Starting from version Xray 3.88.10, you can no longer upgrade Xray 2.x directly to the latest version of Xray. You must upgrade from Xray 2.x to 3.87.x, and then upgrade to the latest version of Xray.

From version 3.x, the MongoDB is not used by Xray, except during the initial migration phase from version 2.x. The data is automatically migrated from MongoDB to PostgreSQL from version 2.7x and above. After upgrading to version 2.7x, you must ensure that all data migrations are complete before proceeding to upgrade to version 3.x. The xray-migration-readiness tool enables you to verify that all data migrations are complete. Download the tool, and follow the instructions in the readme file.


Before you upgrade, ensure that the operating system version that you use is supported. See System Requirements for detailed information on operating system support.