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The JFrog Platform requires JFrog Distribution to be connected to a single Source JFrog Artifactory instance, as part of a JPD.

Following the upgrade to Distribution 2.x, your single Distribution instance will contain all the Release Bundle metadata for all the Artifactory instances. You need to set up a dedicated Distribution for each Artifactory and migrate the Release Bundle metadata to the relevant paired Distribution instance based on the paired Artifactory_ID.

When migrating the Release Bundle metadata, note that:

  • The Release Bundle metadata will be exported and not the actual artifacts.

  • Only applicable after upgrading from Artifactory version 6.x to 7.x and Distribution version 1.x to 2.x.

  • Only Release Bundles created in Artifactory version 6.x (prior to upgrade) will be exported. Release Bundles created after the Artifactory 7.x upgrade will not be part of the exported data.


To perform Release Bundle metadata migration, your Distribution instance must be upgraded to version 2.4

Setting Up Distribution Instances

If you had a single Distribution instance connected to more than one Source Artifactory instance in Distribution 1.x, you need to set up a Distribution instance for each of your Artifactory instances when upgrading to Distribution 2.x in the JFrog Platform.

Many to One Pairing (Distribution 1.x and Artifactory 6.x)

One to One Pairing (Distribution 2.x and Artifactory 7.x)

Distribution Artifactory Before one to one pairing.png
Distribution Artifactory After one to one pairing.png
Migrating Release Bundle Metadata

Make sure that the new Distribution instances do not contain Release Bundles with the same name and version as the one you are exporting/importing. This will fail the import.

Perform the following migration steps:

  1. Run the Get Source Artifactory_IDs REST API to generate a list of Artifactory Instances.Get Source Artifactory IDs

  2. Run the Export Distribution Release Bundle Metadata REST API to export the Release Bundle metadata according to the Artifactory_ID to a zip file.Export Distribution Release Bundle Metadata

  3. Run the Import Distribution Release Bundle Metadata REST API to import the Release Bundle metadata on the Distribution instance.Import Distribution Release Bundle Metadata