Configure the Replicator

JFrog Installation & Setup Documentation


Breaking changes from Artifactory version 7.0

  • All configurations have been moved from the replicator.yaml to the Artifactory system.yaml file.

  • Thetxdirectory, containing temporary data, has been moved to $JFROG_HOME/artifactory/var/bootsrtap/replicator/tx.

  • The proflilingDisabledparameter is deprecated. To enable/disable replicator profiling, use thereplicator.profiling.enabledconfiguration in thesystem.yamlfile.

The Replicator's behavior is configured using the following configuration files.



Optional [Default: http://localhost:[replicator.port]]

The URL through which the Replicator can be accessed within the internal network. In a default installation, using "localhost" is an appropriate setting because only the local Artifactory instance needs access to the Replicator. Since it will default to http://localhost:[replicator.port], it is recommended to not set this property.


Optional [Default: 8048]

The port which the replicator server will listen on for internal communication with the router.


Optional [Default: false]

Specifies if the Replicator should skip the verification of self-signed certificates when it calls remote HTTPS URLs. Use with care.


Optional [Default: info]

Log level of the replicator-service.log file. Options are: warn, info, debug


Optional [Default: localhost]

Allowed access host to profiling data. The default will allow access to the profiling data only to clients on the same host (recommended). If you want to allow access from every host use the reserved value 'all'


Optional [Default: 8041]

Listen port for profiling data.


Optional [Default: true]

Disable profiling. Will not listen on profiling port.


Optional [Default: 2592000 (30 days)]

Number of seconds for a file to be considered ready for delete. The files saved here are chunks of files that are being saved during replicator work.


Optional [Default: cleanUpIntervalSecs (1 hour)]

Interval in which replicator will look for files in tx dir which are ready to be deleted.


Optional [Default: 8,000,000 (8 MB)]

Replicator will try to transfer at least this amount of bytes in every request to the target replicator. Available from Artifactory 6.12.0

Optional [Default: 0 (Unlimited)]

Max http connections to the local Artifactory (0 means unlimited). Available from Artifactory 6.12.0


This file provides the Replicator with information on how it can access its associated Artifactory instance. If deleted, this file will be regenerated with its default values when you restart Artifactory. However, if the file exists, it will not be overwritten when Artifactory is restarted.


Default: http://localhost:8081/artifactory

The Base URL of the associated Artifactory instance.


An access token that the Replicator should use to access the associated Artifactory instance


Artifactory node id