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This feature is supported with the Enterprise+ license.

Replication is used in a variety of use cases to synchronize repositories between remote Artifactory instances. Depending on repository size this may require the transportation of huge quantities of data. Since speed of transportation is limited by bandwidth and network latency, this is a process that may take hours and even days to complete.

The Replicator is a process that optimizes replication when distributing software with JFrog Distribution, dramatically reducing the load on the network and the time taken to synchronize release bundles from a source Artifactory instance to target instance or Edge node.


The Replicator is installed out-of-the-box on every Artifactory and Artifactory Edge, but needs to be enabled.

Supported Package Types

The Replicator implements concurrent stream replication for any package type supported by Artifactory. For indexed Maven packages, the Replicator implements differential replication between different versions of the same package.

Windows not supported

The Replicator does not work on Windows based systems

Default Ports

By default, the replicator uses ports 8048 and 9092. If you are running behind a firewall, make sure these ports can be accessed.