Install the JFrog Platform using the K3s installer

JFrog Installation & Setup Documentation

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Installation & Setup

The JFrog Platform K3s installer is supported only for the evaluation of the Platform.

The installer sets up the lightweight Kubernetes (K3s) environment into which the entire Platform is deployed. This enables you to install the entire JFrog Platform on a single node with a single package. Since the installer seamlessly sets up the entire JFrog Platform and installs all the products, you cannot choose specific products.

The JFrog Platform consists of the following products.

  • Artifactory

  • Xray

  • Insight

  • Distribution

  • Pipelines


You must not use the K3s installer to install the JFrog Platform for production use cases.

For more information about the JFrog Platform and the various products, see JFrog Platform Overview.JFrog Platform Overview

The installer sets up a K3s server, installs Helm, and uses Helm Charts to install the JFrog Platform. For more information about K3s, refer to the official K3s documentation available at