Implementing Configuration as Code in JFrog

JFrog Installation & Setup Documentation

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Installation & Setup

JFrog provides a flexible way to configure your system using a single system.yaml configuration file found in the $JFROG_HOME/<product>/var/etc folder for each product.

With the JFrog system.yaml file, you can set up your system configuration in a single config file and provide that file as an input to your server as you deploy the server. The configuration files allow you to manage several aspects of your system, including resources, security settings, databases, and external connections. All possible configurations are provided in the template YAML file, available under $JFROG_HOME/<product>/var/etc/.

Each JFrog component has its own system.yaml file, which you can use to configure:

After installing the JFrog Platform or product, simply use the relevant YAML file to set your configurations before starting up your server.

YAML Best Practices

To learn more about best practices when using YAML, see best practices for using YAML files.