Install the JFrog Platform using Helm Chart

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Installation & Setup

The JFrog Platform installation using Helm Chart enables you to install the JFrog Platform–with all products–in one installation package. Using this installer, you can choose to either install all of the JFrog products, or cherry-pick the products you wish to deploy.

To learn about the JFrog Platform Deployment, see System Architecture.

The most common use case would be if you want to install several products (or all of them) at the same time; using this installation saves you the need to repeat steps, repeat the configuration of join keys, and more, making the installation process easy and straightforward.

To learn more about installing specific products, see the following:

  • Installing Artifactory

  • Installing Xray

  • Installing Insight

  • Installing Distribution

  • Installing Pipelines

Subscription Levels

If you install only Artifactory and Xray, you need either an Enterprise or Enterprise+ trial license ( get one from here) or a Pro trial license ( get one from here). If you install additional JFrog products, you need an Enterprise+ license.

Upgrade from the Beta Version of JFrog Platform Helm Chart is Not Supported

JFrog Platform Installer 10.x is the GA version of the JFrog Platform Installer helm charts. Upgrade is not supported from previous versions, which were beta.


You cannot use TLS for Xray if you install Xray using the JFrog Platform charts.

Before You Begin

Before you install the JFrog Platform, expand the following section to review the System Requirements for information on supported platforms, supported browsers, and other requirements.