Step 1: Configure the Artifactory Filestore for Direct Cloud Storage

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Installation & Setup

As described under Configuring the Filestore, you can control how Artifactory stores binaries using the$JFROG_HOME/artifactory/var/etc/artifactory/binarystore.xmlfile.

  1. In your binarystore.xml file, for s3-storage-v3, google-storage-v2, and azure-blob-storage-v2 set enableSignedUrlRedirect to true.

  2. Set the following parameters in the Amazon S3 Official SDK Template, Google Storage Binary Provider Native Client Template , or Azure Blob Storage V2 Binary Provider of your binarystore.xml file:Amazon S3 Official SDK Template




    Enables the feature.


    Default: 30 (optional)

    Specifies the number of seconds that a signed URL provided to a requesting client for direct download from cloud storage is valid.

The following snippet shows an example of how these parameters may look in your binarystore.xml file.