Use an External Database with the Ansible Installation

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Installation & Setup
  1. Set the value of the postgres_enabled field to false (which means that you are not going to use the Postgres role that is bundled with the collection) in group_vars/all/vars.yml.

  2. Follow the steps below to create an external database and then change the corresponding product values in group_vars/all/vars.yml.

    The following example shows a sample configuration for the Artifactory database connection details.

    postgres_enabled: false
    artifactory_db_type: postgresql
    artifactory_db_driver: org.postgresql.Driver
    artifactory_db_name: <external_db_name>
    artifactory_db_user: <external_db_user>
    artifactory_db_password: <external_db_pasword>
    artifactory_db_url: jdbc:postgresql://<external_db_host>:5432/{{ artifactory_db_name }}


You can also modify other JFrog products database configuration to set up an external PostgreSQL database in the same file.