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This feature is supported on the Self-Hosted platform, with an Enterprise X or Enterprise+ license.

You can configure JFrog services for High Availability with a cluster of two or more nodes on the same Local Area Network (LAN). For both high availability and resiliency, an HA cluster with a minimum of three nodes provides you true HA. If one node goes down due to a system failure or is even taken down for hardware maintenance, the other two nodes still provide high availability and load balancing. A three-node cluster is critical to provide no-downtime upgrade as well.

Artifactory Database Requirements for High Availability

You must use an external database connected to Artifactory to use high availability. You cannot use high availability with the in-built Derby database.

Set Up High Availability on Insight

High Availability configuration for Insight requires a cluster of three or more nodes on the same LAN.

Optimal Resilience

Maximize your up time. In case one or more nodes is unavailable or down for upgrade, the load is shared between the remaining nodes, ensuring optimal resilience and up time.

Improved Performance with Load Balancing

Scale your environment with as many nodes as you need. All cluster nodes in an HA configuration are synchronized, and jointly share and balance the workload between them. When a node becomes unavailable, the cluster will automatically spread the workload across the other remaining node(s).

Managed Heavy Loads

Accommodate larger load bursts with no compromise to performance. With horizontal server scalability, you can easily increase your capacity to meet any load requirements as your organization grows.

Always being Synchronized

Seamlessly and instantly synchronize data, configuration, cached objects, and scheduled job changes across all cluster nodes.

Install and Upgrade JFrog Products in High Availability

For additional information refer to the Install and Upgrade sections.