Repositories and Users in Nexus Repository Manager and Artifactory

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When there is an existing repository with the same name as in Artifactory, the migration of artifacts will fail if the repository is of a different type than the Nexus Repository. If there are existing artifacts with same name inside a repository with the same name, the artifact from Nexus overwrites the existing artifact. To avoid these issues, verify that repositories have different names and there are no artifacts with the same name in the current repositories in Artifactory.

In addition, verify that there are no existing users with the same name in Artifactory before you begin migration. The migration script overwrites the existing users with the users from Nexus Repository Manager.

Artifactory does not support repositories with names that start with any character other than an alphabet. Therefore, the migrator tool renames these repositories as m-<repository name in Nexus>. For example, if the repository name in Nexus Repository Manager is 101-Maven, the repository is renamed as m-101-Maven in Artifactory. If you want to configure this name, you must run the migrator tool in multiple stages and edit the migration configuration.