Installation and Activation of the Replicator

JFrog Installation & Setup Documentation



Make sure to configure the Custom Base URL on the Artifactory Edge Node.General Settings

The Replicator should be enabled on both Artifactory and Artifactory Edge.

To enable the Replicator, use one of the following methods:

  • Set the environment variable JF_REPLICATOR_ENABLED=true before you start Artifactory (whether it is a fully featured installation or an Edge node).

    Alternatively, you can edit $JFROG_HOME/artifactory/app/bin/artifactory.default to include: export JF_REPLICATOR_ENABLED=true.

  • When running with Docker, use:

    docker run ... -e JF_REPLICATOR_ENABLED=true ...
  • Set the following attribute in thesystem.yamlfile.

        enabled: true

If you install the Enterprise Plus license with Artifactory already running, you need to restart Artifactory for the license to take effect and enable the Replicator.