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Artifactory supports installation in an HA cluster. For more information about HA, see JFrog High Availability.


HA versions before Artifactory 7.17.4 support using primary and secondary nodes.

The following installation methods are supported.

HA is not supported for Mac (Darwin) installation

Prerequisites to run Artifactory HA

Ensure that your environment meets the following prerequisites.


All nodes within the same Artifactory HA installation must be running the same Artifactory version.


Artifactory HA requires an external database, and currently supports the following databases: PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, and MS SQL.

Make sure you have completed setting up your external databasebefore proceeding to install the cluster nodes. The database connection details are used for each node installation.


Artifactory HA is supported with an Enterprise License. Each node in the cluster must be activated with a different license.

Before adding any additional node, please add each additional node's license using the node that is already running.

Load Balancer

Artifactory HA requires a dedicated Load Balancer. The load balancer should be installed once all of the cluster nodes are up and running. It is the responsibility of your organization to manage and configure it correctly.


  • All the Artifactory HA components (Artifactory cluster nodes, database server, and load balancer) must be within the same fast LAN.

  • All the HA nodes must communicate with each other through dedicated TCP ports.

  • Network communications between the cluster nodes must be enabled for each of the nodes.