K3s Installer System Requirements

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Installation & Setup

K3s installer requires Internet access since the platform images and Helm charts are pulled from the JFrog repositories.

For optimal usage of the platform, we recommend that your machine must have 16 GB of RAM and an 8 core processor.

To access the JFrog platform after installation, use the latest version of any of the following browsers:

  • Chrome

  • Firefox

  • Safari (for Mac)

  • Edge (Chromium-based versions)

Since the JFrog Platform is installed on a K3s server, we recommend that you review the K3s system requirements in the K3s documentation and ensure that the machine meets the requirement.

K3s version

K3s installer supports K3s v1.25.14+k3s1. If you want to override the K3s version to be installed, set INSTALL_K3S_VERSION as an environment variable with the value as the required version.


K3s installer is tested and certified on K3s v1.25.14+k3s1. The installer might not work with other versions.


When installing the JFrog Platform, you must run the installation as a root user or provide sudo access to a non-root user.

System Architecture

To learn about the JFrog Platform Deployment, see System Architecture.


Before installing JFrog Platform, verify that the following are in place.

  • Install net-tools package on Linux.

Subscription Levels

You will need an Enterprise+ trial license ( get one from here) to use all the products in the JFrog Platform.