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You can set up a JFrog Platform environment quickly using bootstrap YAML files. You can use the Artifactory bootstrap YAML file to set up the environment and create repositories and create an Access bootstrap YAML file to set the access configurations for access provider authentication.


The Access Bootstrap YAML file is available from Artifactory version 7.63 and later. The information in this YAML file can be retrieved using the Export Access Configuration REST API.Export Access Configuration

Location and Usage of Access Bootstrap YAML File

Create a YAML file with the name, , and place it under $JFROG_HOME/artifactory/var/etc/access/ and restart the services so that the configuration in the YAML file is loaded in the system.


If there are existing configurations with same name in the system, the configurations in the YAML file overwrite the current configuration.

The following snippet shows an example of the YAML configuration file template.

Limitations of Access Bootstrap YAML File

The limitations stem from the principle that the YAML configuration file is designated for configuration of new Artifactory instances that have not been used before.

  • Ensure that no YAML file with a similar filename already exists. If a similar configuration file exists it might override this file.

  • After loading, the YAML configuration file will be deleted.

Access Bootstrap Configuration