cluster-s3-storage-v3 template configuration

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Because you must configure the s3 provider with parameters specific to your account (but can leave all other parameters with the recommended values), if you choose to use the cluster-s3-storage-v3 template, your binarystore.xml configuration file should look like the example below.

Authentication Methods

Amazon S3 supports two authentication methods.

  • Basic credentials - If you use the basic credentials, you will need to enter the identity and credential parameters

  • Default Amazon Provider Chain credentials - If you use the default Amazon Provider Chain credentials, you will need to provide the default Amazon Provider chain searches for credentials.

To learn more, and for complete list of parameters used for configuring the S3 Cloud Storage, see Amazon S3 Official SDK Template.

<config version="2">
    <chain template="cluster-s3-storage-v3"/>
    <provider id="s3-storage-v3" type="s3-storage-v3">