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This feature is supported on the Self-Hosted platform, with an Enterprise X or Enterprise+ license.

Sharding Binary Provider that lets you manage your binaries in a sharded filestore. A sharded filestore is one that is implemented on a number of physical mounts (M), which store binary objects with redundancy (R), where R <= M.

For example, the following diagram represents a sharded filestore where M=3 and R=2. In other words, the filestore consists of 3 physical mounts which store each binary in two copies.


This binary provider is not independent and will always be used as part of a more complex template chain of providers.

Artifactory’s sharding binary provider presents several benefits.

Unmatched stability and reliability

Thanks to redundant storage of binaries, the system can withstand any mount going down as long as M >= R.

Unlimited scalability

If the underlying storage available approaches depletion, you only need to add another mount; a process that requires no downtime of the filestore. Once the mount is up and running, the system regenerates the filestore redundancy according to the configuration parameters you control.


For a standalone Artifactory setup:

A restart is required to apply the changes to your binarystore.xml settings.

For a High Availability setup:

Restarting each node separately to apply the changes to your binarystore.xml settings will result in no downtime.

Filestore performance optimization

Sharding Binary Provider offers several configuration parameters that allow you to optimize how binaries are read from or written to the filestore according to your specific system’s requirements.

S3 Sharding

Artifactory allows you to shard multiple S3 buckets. For more information, see S3 Sharding.