Xray HA Installation

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Installation & Setup

The following describes how to set up an Xray HA cluster with two or more nodes. For more information, see the System Architecture.

The following installation methods are supported.


All nodes within the same Xray HA installation must be running the same Xray version.


Xray HA requires an external PostgreSQL database. Make sure to install the database before proceeding to install the first node. There are several ways to set up PostgreSQL for redundancy, such as Load Balancing and Replication. For more information, see PostgreSQL.

RabbitMQ is automatically installed as part of the Xray installation.


Xray HA is supported with an Enterprise License. Each node in the cluster must be activated with a different license.


  • All the Xray HA components (Xray cluster nodes, database server and RabbitMQ) must be within the same fast LAN.

  • All the HA nodes must communicate with each other through dedicated TCP ports.