Azure Eventual Upload Template

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Installation & Setup

The following example shows a template modified to support Azure eventual upload.

 <config version="1">
    <chain template="azure-blob-storage"/>
    <provider id="azure-blob-storage" type="azure-blob-storage">

What's in the template?

The following snippet shows the default chain that uses azure-blob-storage as the binary provider:

<config version="1">
        <chain> <!-- template="azure-blob-storage" -->
            <provider id="cache-fs" type="cache-fs">
                <provider id="eventual" type="eventual">
                    <provider id="retry" type="retry">
                        <provider id="azure-blob-storage" type="azure-blob-storage"/>

For details about the cache-fs provider, see Cached Filesystem Binary Provider.

For details about the eventual provider, see Eventual Binary Provider.

For details about the retry provider, see Retry Binary Provider.