State-Aware Binary Provider

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This binary provider is not independent and will always be used in the sharding or sharding-cluster providers. The provider is aware if its underlying disk is functioning or not. It is identical to the basic filesystem provider, however, it can also recover from errors (the parent provider is responsible for recovery) with the addition of the checkPeriod field.






Default: 15000 ms

The minimum time to wait between trying to re-activate the provider if it had fatal errors at any point.


Default: true

From Artifactory 6.18 and later, enables/disables the write operations for the binary provider. If set to false, the state-aware provider will continue to serve read requests, so Artifactory can continue to read binaries from that provider. In addition, the garbage collection can continue to clean the deleted binaries from the provider. (Only applicable under a sharding provider.)


The name of the sharding zone the provider is part of (only applicable under a sharding provider).


Custom file store directory.

You can provide a custom directory for the file store so that the artifacts are stored in a directory of your choice.