Artifactory System YAML

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The following is an example of a complete Artifactory system YAML file showing all the different parameters that you may configure.

Example Templates

We recommend that you use the templates available under $JFROG_HOME/artifactory/var/etc/

  • system.basic-template.yaml includes most commonly used system configurations and is identical to the system.yaml after a fresh install

  • system.full-template.yaml includes a list of all available configurations

Artifactory System YAML File Format

The YAML file is constructed with keys and entities that use the following key: [entity] format, for example #joinKey: "<Your joinKey>".

Shared Configurations

These are configuration used by all microservices.

Artifactory Operational Microservices

These are specific configurations, which are set under each microservice section and override similar shared configurations for the specific microservice.

Editing the YAML file

Edit the yaml file according to your specific requirements. For example, remove unused database settings.