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Available from Artifactory version 7.29.7, a pairing token establishes trust between different JFrog microservices. The pairing token is an access token that is used for the initial pairing flow. Because the token is a limited access token, it is dedicated to a specific task and short-lived. Once trust is established, the services can continue using the standard token-based authentication for communication.


Pairing tokens replace the join key that was used in the past in the JFrog Platform to link between services. This type of token is only designed to link cross-topologies (i.e., locally, and not with in a JPD).

Pairing tokens enable you to connect between your JFrog Platform Deployment (JPD) / edge and a remote JFrog Mission Control service. Pairing tokens provide pairing for a specific purpose use case. They are revocable, and are expected to be used at most once (i.e., revoked after first pairing). The default expiry setting for these tokens is 5 minutes.

  • The subject of the token is the same as the subject of the principal who requested the pairing token/

  • The base URL in the extension is mandatory

  • The exchange URL in the extension is mandatory (since the token is signed, this URL can be assumed as trusted)

  • The pairing URL is optional and is used when you need to establish a two-way trust