JFrog Artifactory Service

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Installation & Setup

The Artifactory service contains the following microservices.

  1. Artifactory

    The main application service. The default port is 8081.

  2. Router

    The central hub for communication between all the microservices and all products in the JPD. The default ports are 8082, 8046, 8047, 8049, and 8091.

  3. Access

    The authentication server and service registry. Manages users, groups, permissions, and access tokens for all products in the JPD. The default ports are 8040 and 8045.

  4. Event

    The events distribution mechanism for JFrog products. Distributes webhook events to external systems. The default ports are 8061 and 8062.

  5. Integration

    The microservice responsible for third-party systems authentication and event registration. The default ports are 8071 and 8072.

  6. Frontend

    The application user interface (UI for the entire JPD). The default ports is 8070.

  7. JFConnect

    The microservice that fetches the entitlements from the subscription into a JPD.

    JFConnect acts as the JPD (JFrog Deployment) entitlements service and enables dynamic entitlement allocation for the connected products, based on account/subscription changes in JFrog’s main entitlements server. The default port is 8030. For more information on JFConnect, see JFConnect Microservice.

  8. Metadata

    The component's metadata server. Serves the Packages screen in the JPD UI. The default port is 8086.

  9. Mission Control

    The Mission Control microservice (available with an Enterprise+ license) is the single access point to manage multiple JPDs.

  10. Observability

    The microservice responsible for consolidating logs and metrics in the service. The default port is 8036.