Work with Git and the Bamboo Artifactory Plugin

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To work with Git, the Git plugin must be configured to build one branch AND to checkout to the same local branch.

The remote URL should allow Read+Write access.

The Bamboo Artifactory Plugin uses the Git client installed on the machine and uses its credentials to push back to the remote Git repository.


During the release, the plugin performs the following steps:

  1. If Create Branch is checked, create and switch to the release branch.

  2. Commit the release version to the current branch.

  3. Create a release tag.

  4. Push the changes.

  5. Switch to the checkout branch and commit the next development version.

  6. Push the next development version to the working branch

Shallow Clones

Bamboo's Git plugin allows the use of shallow clones, however this causes the "push" not to work.

Therefore, when using the Artifactory Bamboo Plugin, you must have shallow clones unchecked.

For more information about shallow clones, please refer to git-clone Manual Page.