JIRA Cloud and JFrog Artifactory Integration

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This integration creates an automated connection that delivers your JFrog Artifactory repository build information directly to your JIRA issues. JFrog Artifactory supports build integrations whether you are running builds on one of the common CI servers in use today, on cloud-based CI servers, or standalone without a CI server.

Integration of Artifactory into your build ecosystem provides important information that supports fully reproducible builds through visibility of artifacts deployed, dependencies and information on the build environment.

With this feature, your team gets immediate feedback for continuous improvement that helps fulfill CI/CD needs and helps support a "shift left" strategy that allows developers to respond to problems as soon as they are known.

How it Works

This integration allows you the ability to see what JIRA issues went into a build (and eventually a release) to enhance the traceability information provided inside Artifactory.

With this, your development team gets more visibility to see what build is associated with a specific feature, and exposes in JIRA where a specific issue is inside the release process by providing the promotion status of the build.

All of this together provides critical traceability of an artifact to the build that generated that artifact, and the information needed to reproduce that build.

Configuration Overview

For instructions on how to set up this integration, see Artifactory Cloud instance to JIRA Cloud Configuration Overview.


If you need help with this integration, contact support@jfrog.com.