Override Plan values using Bamboo Variables

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The Artifactory Plugin supports overriding variables in the plan configuration like Deployer credentials, Resolver credentials, repositories etc.

If you wish to override any of the values specified in the table below, you need to configure them as Bamboo variables either through the UI or append them to the REST URL request as a query parameters.

When assigning any value to these Bamboo variables, it will override the job configuration.

Example with REST

curl -ubamboo-user:bamboo-password -XPOST 
"http://<BAMBOO HOST>:8085/rest/api/latest/queue/MVN-JOB?stage&executeAllStages&bamboo.variable.artifactory.override.deployer.username=new_username&bamboo.variable.artifactory.override.deployer.password=new_password"

In the example above, we use CURL to remotely invoke a Bamboo plan. We set the Deployer username and Deployer password for this specific request.

Note that we add the "bamboo.varaible" prefix to the query parameters.


Note that the sent values will be applied only if the specific task support them. For example: currently Artifactory Gradle tasks do not support Resolver credentials, hence those values will be ignored if sent.

Parameter name


Supported jobs


Deployer username

Maven, Gradle, Ivy, Generic deploy


Deployer password

Maven, Gradle, Ivy, Generic deploy


Resolver username

Maven, Generic resolve


Resolver password

Maven, Generic resolve


Resolve repository

Maven, Gradle


Deploy repository

Maven, Gradle, Ivy, Generic deploy


If set to true, check the value of artifactory.task.override.jdk.env.var.

If that variable is populated with an environment variable,

use the value of that environment variable as the Build JDK path.

If artifactory.task.override.jdk.env.varis not defined, use the value of JAVA_HOME for the Build JDK.

Maven, Gradle, Ivy


Stores the name of another environment variable whose value should be used for the build JDK.

Maven, Gradle, Ivy